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Clean Start Consultings expert team will meet with you to get a full background on what you are wanting your Cleaning provider to achieve. This can then give a benchmark level that will ascertain how we can progress though to the stages of Assessment.

Producing a scope based around your Cleaning requirements gives a guideline to start from this actual description, or a clean start point that can create a new RFP process heading towards a tender or in-house option.

Ascertaining a level that is acceptable to produce a standard that is both hygienic in the cleaning process and can deliver within a budget can be achieved by processing the cleaning extents for each area; for an example; a general five day cleaning service can have areas contained within the premises, that may only require a cleaning service weekly, or periodically by actual use of this area.

Cleaning specifications are becoming less common but give a gauge to deliverables you wish to achieve in the initial process. Measurement of the specified cleaning deliverables/KPI’s need to be included in any RFP processes, including in-house services.

Improving standards has to the forefront in any tendering process.

The overall cost to change cleaning-operator is expensive and takes time to prepare then execute to respectable cleaning operators. Choosing who is capable to really deliver good cleaning standards can be problematic, as there is an abundance of cleaning operators, and not all have the profession of cleaning as their motive to tender.




Investigation beyond the normal processes to have the right cleaning operator goes well past a request for references. CSC has the cleaning industry knowledge to seek beyond a proposed document to really ascertain cleaning standards from any tenderer, selected or open tender.

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