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Why Clean Start Consultancy?

Over the many years as a cleaning advisor, business executive, director and a cleaner and passing over knowledge for the good of hygienic cleaning delivery to whoever is responsible for this care, it came to a point on whatever was requested or required in terms of cleaning for health, most responded on their cost limitations as the biggest barrier to achieving better cleaning performance.

People-labour is the way cleaning businesses appraise what is required to evaluate the time needed to clean a site. This process is as traditional as using a broom to vacuum with.


To change these timeworn ways, we at Clean Start ensure our clients are up to date with the latest trend’s, innovations and cleaning methods to assist through the process to get the best performing proposition that is worthy and places the same manner of care and hygiene that will achieve what is intended.

Low margin offerings return the same in delivery of care.

Setting legitimate expectations of contractual anticipations that must be delivered as KPIs will ensure any proposal has cleaning as the professional motive to service Clean Start’s clients


There are many factors to why a business requires cleaning and the level of cleanliness is dictated by what use the building interior is used for.


A Hospital wardroom compared to a Manager’s office in a high rise would require a more intense level of hygiene care in cleaning.

Over or under cleaning are factors that need to be fully assessed based on actual need.

With correct cleaning specified delivery to areas, along with correctly itemised tasks, plus modern methods and equipment, CleanStart could save up to 30% on your current cleaning costs, just by evaluating your needs against what is being offered by either under or over cleaning of areas.


Best practices start at page one of what you wish to accomplish from your cleaning provider

Clean Start is that page one to better you with prior knowledge advantage over any proposition offered, to ensure you receive the best all round offer.


Glenn Campbell

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