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Norman Mair


A career that has concentrated around the Supply Industry, initially marketing Commercial Cleaning equipment into local businesses and eventually Managing the Branch for a total of 17 years.

With roles firstly in Ventilation and subsequently in Lighting and Emergency Lighting I have developed a deep industry knowledge of a good portion of Building Services and Managing these, including new system design, retro fitting, and maintenance replacements, helping keep Facilities up and running and meeting standards and Building WOF requirements.


This service is part of our Clean Start Consultancy offering as it gives you the ability to outsource your buildings total requirements or manage them yourselves with our assistance.

I am currently the Project Manager assisting the founder in developing proprietary cleaning systems and equipment for DEX Cleaning Systems. This exciting new concept in cleaning is the future of cleaning.  Using new Systems achieving Labour savings is winning the battle to keep costs under control while labour costs explode, careful considerations of Value contracts need to be visited.

 I have been Operations Manager for the Queenstown Lakes District/Central Otago for the House of Hygiene Cleaning Team and during this time we managed large Infrastructure Public Buildings such as Aquatic & Event Centres, Public Libraries, Local Council Administration, Regional Council, Government Agencies, Banks and Commercial premises and consulted on deliveries for major Tourism based hospitality.


My role with the Clean Start philosophy will begin with Initial Assessment using proven systems and software identifying opportunities for improvement and firmly embedding these into the best outcomes.


ORANGEQC software platform in use for initial inspections and site progress reports.

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