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Elaine Campbell

Elaine has been working in the service supply industry for the past 25 years.

Over the early to mid-2000’s Elaine received top sales commendations year on year while working in the ‘Tork’ NZ-distribution company.

On sale of Tork to Hygienics, Elaine choose to set out on her own and established ‘House of Hygiene Services’ in 2004.


House of Hygiene supplied many major businesses through its term and still continues to be a competitive consumable supply company.

Elaine now acts solely as an independent advisor of consumable products and still holds a well earned reputation from all NZ consumable supply businesses


Elaine is able to assist in ensuring clients of Clean Start have the choice of correct product that their needs require.

ATP testing regimes are also recommended by Elaine to ensure a Clean Clean is achieved in a measured way to achieve the best outcomes.

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