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Specification Design  


Designing a specification that meets all the Cleaning requirements you desire can exceed your budget.

Measuring the actual needs of a premises has to be looked at from an expert’s knowledge of the three main Cleaning industries ‘Health, Education and Commercial’ (see under industries on home page)

Combining knowledge of the three Cleaning fields is what CSC can offer.


A crossover in these fields can also assist to designing an effective specification, depending on your budget restraints


We all have desires of the perfect clean, each time we arrive to work, and this should be the case!

Cleaning Methods along with actual task driven duties can come close to a perfect clean


Our In-House CleanStart program can formulate a series of task driven duties that ensure the specification deliverables do achieve the end result desired


CSC can design the Cleaning Standards for your RFP. Consultation with your legal personnel that will form an overall RFP document that is reasonable in its requests can also make for a better-quality provider to have the opportunity to seek an RFP opportunity. Limiting an RFP to only a handful of cleaning service providers, based on the RFP’s constraints will not open up healthier competition that have the same abilities on offer



CSC not only sources cleaning operators to provide a RFP, we run full background checks on the businesses stability and reliability to perform.

Without limitations, better expectations in outcomes can be achieved

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