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        COVID-19          3-STAGE PLAN



Many businesses have been affected by the Covid-19 Lockdown currently in place and have had to close their place of work.


The first part of the plan is to secure your building and make sure that all the necessary precautions have been taken.


These include but are not limited to…


Building Lock-up – Security.

Doors & windows, exterior sheds and Carpark areas, secure rubbish & recycle bins.

Gas & water supply check and turn off.

Heating and Air Conditioning- Hibernate.

Empty Refrigerators, clean, leave on or off with door ajar.

Electrical stand by, keep a check on Emergency Lighting,

Building escape paths must remain unblocked.

Lamps like Fluorescent can ignite at end of life, check for burnt out or flickering lamps.

Leaves in gutters, especially internal roof gutters that may flood or cause roofs to collapse.

(This has happened locally already)

Install sensor lighting, consider WiFi Camera or remote access to existing security cameras.

Regular walk around building inspection.




Stage 2 is the Clean Start to re-entering your building for staff and public access for Business to resume.

We need to have a robust process followed, that offers all occupied buildings a proven system that places the Health and Hygiene of the personnel that enter either a leased space/office space as a priority. These Business owner’s employees and Customers need to feel confident that are entering a Safe Hygienic environment.


Specialised Deep Clean: Using long term protective chemicals that provide longer protection time for surfaces cleaned using these solutions. (withholding periods of our recommended chemicals are 21 days, Bleach based chemicals last for only hours and kill active agents in more long acting cleaning solutions)

Supplying staff with individual cleaning solutions & applicators for their own workspaces.

Reviewing the requirements in each area to be cleaned.

Creating the new Cleaning schedule for stage 3

Testing for Clean. The most important part is after the deep clean it is tested using 

and repeat testing schedules are set up for stage 3

Adding the “TICK” signage to the building entrances to show the Building status as to Clean

standards and Testing performance achieved.




In Summary the Clean Start program involves a deep clean using cleaning products with withholding abilities to continue to protect the surfaces and the people for an extended time up to 21 days after applied to the surface.

It involves Testing for clean to make sure that it has been cleaned to a Hygienic standard, not a cosmetic appearance.

The hygienic standard becomes a “Tick” notification on the entrance to the Building or/and to each certified area of the building to promote confidence for staff and customers that the Facility is Hygienically cleaned and poses no undue risk to their health.


Better Targeted Cleaning in Areas most used as communal.

Chemicals used with 21-day effectiveness.

Protection for these chemicals by not using bleach-based formulas.

Providing Individual cleaning solutions and Applicators with clear usage instructions for individual workspace areas.

Continued ATP Testing and recording of test results.

Maintaining Building Hygiene security “TICK” notifications on building entrances.

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